Do you have areas of high traffic? Do you get many spillages?

STAINSHIELD is the carpet and upholstery protection we at Steve Spindley (& Daughter) Valeting have been using for over 20 years.


• It is designed to protect high-traffic areas of carpet and will withstand up to 3 professional cleans before it needs re-applying.


• It repels liquids from accidental spillages and gives you valuable time to wipe or vacuum up.


• Vacuuming will be more efficient as it helps prevent dirt from adhering to fibres on carpets and upholstery.

Wondering how Stainshield works?

Imagine you have just polished your car; It rains. As the rain falls on your car it forms a bubble and runs off – that’s how Stainshield helps protect your carpet


• Stainshield is a Teflon product which creates a non-stick invisible barrier to protect against regular soiling, spills and stains, although this will not prevent your carpets from getting dirty, from wear and tear or fading.


• Steve will spray Stainshield directly onto carpets or upholstery (new or after a professional clean).  We recommend at least 4 hours for it to dry ensuring plenty of ventilation during this process, (windows and interior doors open).


• Ideal for Domestic or Commercial use and in our Mobile Car Valeting.



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Bought some SSV gift vouchers for her friend,


"I just thought it was a bit different and as she had 6 months to use them, she had her car cleaned in the summer."

- Mrs B from Dunham-on-Trent



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